2: A Little Dose of Homesickness – Khao Sok, Thailand

Saturday 13th July 2019

Day 74 of my Southeast Asia Trip

Unfortunately, my plan to have a sleep in really didn’t go to plan. I didn’t sleep well at all. I think it was because, in a shocking turn of events, I was TOO COLD. The air con was way too good! But nevertheless, the plan for today: leave Krabi and head to Khao Sok National Park!

I seemed to match the cafe!

We headed out for breakfast and struggled to find anywhere that was reasonably priced and didn’t offer solely noodles. We opted for ‘Zoo Coffee’, where they served incredibly weak lattes and average omelettes. 

I’m definitely feeling the effects of being so busy recently. I’ve been doing a lot of moving around and haven’t been getting good nights sleep. This could explain why I’ve felt a bit homesick today. I’ve done well on all that recently and haven’t really had to focus on just getting through a day. Time has sort of just been passing comfortably and I’ve been so fine. 

I don’t think it helps that I’ve not really called or facetimed anyone from home much over the past 3 weeks. I need to remind myself that it isn’t weak to feel like this, it’s totally normal. 

To try and stop my brain going into overdrive on travel days I’ve been religiously listening to the podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’. It’s hilarious and has definitely helped me on travel days a lot over the past three weeks. I often struggle as I have nothing to occupy me and my thoughts just get out of control.

We booked our onward journey from Khao Sok with the bus company before we left Krabi. On arrival in Khao Sok we found we could’ve booked it for cheaper at the hostel. I am so tight with money, so this made me nearly have a melt down. But that’s just something you have to accept with travel, you lose money here and there and you can’t help it!

The journey definitely wasn’t pleasant. I held a wee in for 2 hours, the driver was WHIZZING along and suddenly breaking, whilst shouting down his phone the entire time. Mind you, just sums up most of my transfers in southeast Asia. 

Needless to say our 3 hour journey to the national park ended up taking 4 and a half hours. We arrived at around 3:30 and a free taxi service took us from the bus stop to our hostel – Coco Khao Sok. We checked in and booked an overnight stay at Cheow Lan Lake for tomorrow. I’m really excited for this!

Our hostel has a café downstairs so we ate here as it was reasonably priced, then went for a walk and checked out a viewpoint. I’m so happy to be in a national park and have a really fun trek and tour to look forward to over the next 2 days! I didn’t expect to be coming anywhere like this in Thailand. 

I facetimed my two best friends in the evening, which definitely helped subside the pending homesickness. Dinner was, of course, another plate of noodles followed by a banana muffin from the hostel bakery. Before I got into bed I attempted to FaceTime my boyfriend and 472847 poor connections later we actually managed to have a conversation! 

I’m definitely super tired now and NEED to get a good nights sleep before my jungle adventure tomorrow! Today definitely hasn’t been action packed by any means, but I’ve learnt you need to stop sometimes and not feel guilty for it.

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