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26: 100 Days in Asia!!!!

Thursday 8th August 2019

Day 100 in Southeast Asia – I can’t believe it!

So this is it. One hundred days in Asia! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I touched down in Singapore. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I also can’t believe I’ve made it this far!! Today was my first full day in Kuta so I rented a scooter and went on a beach hopping tour, with a girl from my hostel.

First job of the day was to demolish the free banana pancakes cooked for us at the hostel. Then we hired scooters, 60k (£3.50) for a day and headed to the first beach stop: Seelong Beach. The drive there was about 20-30 minutes but was such a pleasant drive. It was all one road that went up and down Lombok’s mountainous landscape.

Seelong Beach is known to be a very ‘surfy’ beach. It was incredibly beautiful but hard to swim in the sea as it was full of surfers! I’m pretty tempted to go back in the next few days for a proper lesson. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then headed back along the same road to Mawun Beach.

Mawun Beach was a lot quieter and we rented a sun lounger and umbrella there – £1 for an hour! I also got myself a coconut to drink out of (yes I know, how stereotypical!). I really loved this beach as it was so relaxed and of course beautiful.

At around 2:30 we headed back towards Kuta and out the other way to Tanjun Aan Beach. This was a lot busier than the other two, but equally as amazing to look at. The white sand against the light blue sea is definitely something I can’t get at home.

As the sun started to go down we headed to Bukit Merese Hill to watch the sunset. It wasn’t the best sunset as it was starting to get pretty cloudy. We stayed and admired the view for a bit and then started to drive back before it got too dark.

After washing all the salt and sand of us, we ventured out for some good cheap Indonesian food, followed by a very cheap magnum from the mini mart. I pretty much concluded my day at 9:30 as all the sea air had tired me out. Again, I don’t know when I’ll have WiFi good enough to post this so yeah, sorry about the wait!


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