10: One Last Thaim – Bangkok, Thailand

Sunday 21st June 2019

Day 82 of my Southeast Asia Trip

**Disclaimer: have used photos from yesterday (20/6/19) because I barely got any snaps today!**

Today started considerably later than yesterday. I slept considerably better last night. Got to give the beds at this hostel a lot of credit. The mattresses are amazing – they even have MATTRESS TOPPERS on them! I’m living a life of luxury to be honest. 

I can’t believe my 3 weeks in Thailand are pretty much up. The time here has flown by, most likely because I’ve always been with other people. I fly to Vietnam tomorrow morning at 7am, so that’s going to be a nice early wake up!

With little planned for the day, I instantly regretted not booking onto the afternoon cooking class. I’d never been interested in doing that in Asia, but a lot of people I’ve met have done one and really loved it. I figured I’d be able to do one in Vietnam or Indonesia. It’s quite comical that my biggest worry right now is whether I’ll be able to do a cooking class in the next 4 weeks or not hahaha.

I decided that seeing it was my last day in Thailand, I should make the most of all the amazing food. After grabbing a 50p iced coffee, I got myself yellow curry and mango sticky rice for BREAKFAST. Safe to say I didn’t feel like eating for a long while after that. 

After sitting for a while dwelling far too much on my lack of cooking class, and writing in my journal, I decided to go for a walk and grab a couple of gifts / souvenirs. The hostel had also been playing the same song on repeat for over an hour and I was going insane.

After trying to haggle a price for some pencils down at several shops, I caved in and bought them for 100 baht. Just my luck, I walked next door to find them half the price! I took far too many hours to get over the fact I was ripped off £1.25 :/ 

I spent the rest of my day just chatting with people at the hostel. And took a very strenuous walk round the corner for a Guava shake. Guava has become one of my new favourite juice flavours since being in Asia! I then had a very disappointing Pad Thai for dinner. My food choices in Bangkok really haven’t been the best. Considering there is amazing street food EVERYWHERE, I feel I’ve let myself down.

Tonight I am staying at a different hostel which is right next to the Don Mueang Airport as I fly to Vietnam at 7am tomorrow! It’s called Sloth Hostel and is super nice, just a 10 minute walk from the airport. I got the local bus here which was only 50 Baht, so much cheaper than a Grab / Taxi! 

I went and grabbed chocolate for my dinner because I felt sad after having a day of doing nothing and eating sh*t food! So yes, my last meal in Thailand was a Kit Kat Chunky! It’s now pretty late and I should try and get at least a few hours sleep before I have to go to the airport in the morning. 

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