14: Hagiang Loop Day 4, Vietnam

Friday 26th July 2019

Day 87 of the Southeast Asia Trip

Today was the fourth and final day of the Hagiang Loop. We got up early as we had an extra 100km to drive today after yesterday’s slight ‘detour’. Our homestay hosts served us breakfast and helped us tie our bags to our bikes before we headed out at about 8. We also made sure we got petrol today after yesterday’s close call!

After checking the map several times we went on our way and began the 200km drive back to Hagiang. The first leg of the journey took us along the winding and ever picturesque M Pass. There were 4 of us riding together today, and having all got lost the precious day sticking together seemed the best idea.

Some of the roads were a lot sketchier today. They were covered in loose stones, potholes / craters, puddles and were very muddy and slippy. But once we got on the main road back to Hagiang, the roads were so much better and we whizzed off. It’s amazing how much my confidence has improved on the bike since Tuesday!

Spending so much time concentrating on not crashing the bike makes it hard for me to think about what I’m actually doing. I’m in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam, essentially on my own, riding a motorbike through the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I feel f*cking great right now.

Riding through the mountains, more so when the roads were good (!), is one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done and I’d really love to come back and do it again. Especially before intense tourism gets its ugly hands on this amazing province.

We made good time on the journey, stopping lunch on the way and then arriving back to Hagiang at 3:15pm. Our bus to Hanoi left at 4 so we were able to grab a quick shower first and get rid of all our damp, muddy and sweaty clothes.

The 5 and a half hour drive back to Hanoi was scary to say the least. The driver was CRAZY, flying along the dark roads, overtaking everything in his sight and almost running into a cow at one point. After surfing the Hagiang Loop I almost thought I might ironically die on the journey back from it!

We arrived back in Hanoi at about 10pm and I checked into my hostel – Babylon garden hostel. I’m more than ready for a good nights sleep in a bed without a hard mattress! I’m totally overwhelmed by the past 4 days. I’m actually very proud of myself too. Hagiang has been one of the scariest and most challenging things I’ve ever done. Buts it’s no doubt been the most incredible experience of my trip.

Everyone was right. Believe the hype. GO AND DO THE LOOP!

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