17: The Start of Indonesia

Tuesday 30th July 2019

Day 91 (missed day 90 whoops!)

So I missed a post because I am rubbish and lazy sometimes. But basic update is: I spent Monday (29th) flying from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur and then to Bali. A reasonably boring day apart from my bag being picked up at customs because of a battery pack, and then me almost having a meltdown over getting a taxi from the airport.

But apart from that I arrived in Indonesia safe and sound. I decided to stay in Canggu for my first three nights here, at a hostel called Beachbums. It’s incredibly basic but the cheapest by a mile. The bed is super comfy and that’s more I can say for some other, pricier hostels.

I woke up on my first morning in Canggu later than usual. I managed to stretch my broken sleep to 10:40 which probably did me good. I showered and then started to figure out what to do with my day, which I found hard. When I get to a new place I’m always worrying about whether I’m going to the right places and doing the right things. Silly worries I know, but when I don’t have anyone pointing me in the right direction I worry that I’m doing it ‘wrong’.

Fortunately just as I was thinking of leaving to find coffee and food, two lovely Australian girls (Ree and Bianca) came back in from going out for breakfast and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with them. Of course I said yes and spent the remainder of the day topping up my tan and swimming at Batu Balong Beach.We headed back to the hostel after a few hours and grabbed some food on the way. I had my first taste of local Indonesian food – Gado Gado. It was delicious and cost me just over £1! After showering the salt and sand off us we headed to the beach with a few drinks to watch the sunset. I finally got to see a good sunset in Southeast Asia so I was very happy.

Once it started to get dark we wandered to Old Mans Bar for a drink. Not the cheapest but I haven’t had an espresso martini in months so I didn’t mind spending the money. The atmosphere here was amazing, really social and a really good music act was playing. Then we went to Pretty Poison, a bar with a skate bowl out the back. It was super busy here and really nice just to sit and watch people skate with a drink.

We’re still there now and the atmosphere is super cool! Definitely recommend coming here if you’re ever in Canggu. My first day in Bali hasn’t been as daunting as expected. I was super nervous about meeting people and thought there would be a lot of groups on holidays here as opposed to solo backpackers. But I’m doing good so far. The lack of culture and abundance of tourism is certainly different but I’m excited for some time relaxing on beaches and admiring amazing sunsets.

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