19: Touristy Terraces & Terrifying Traffic – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Thursday 1st August 2019

Day 93 in Southeast Asia

Can’t believe it’s AUGUST!! That means I’m now into my last month of travel which is just insane. In the beginning I never thought I’d make it this far. As promised as the end of yesterday’s blog, today we rented scooters and headed out to explore more of Ubud.

We left the hostel at about 9 to find somewhere to rent scooters for the day. They cost 60k IDR (£3.50) for the day which didn’t seem too bad. I naively thought that after my experience in Hagiang I’d be totally confident on them, but I was very wrong. The traffic in Ubud made it a lot scarier to drive and an automatic scooter is totally different to a semi automatic motorbike!!

We drove for around 25 minutes and arrived at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces which are a really popular tourist attraction here. Before exploring I grabbed a Bali coffee, which I wasn’ttoo keen on to be honest. The concept of not filtering out the coffee powder seems a bit odd to me! 

Remarkably parking your bike and entering the terraces was free. But that was where the good deals stopped. To use the ‘Bali swing’ to get that famous Instagram snap was 150k (nearly £9!!). I managed to sneak a quick pic in the ‘nest’ before being informed that wasn’tfree either. OOPS! I’ve never felt more like I’m in the Instagram explore page.

We trekked through the terraces for a while. It’s a shame that the rice isn’t in season here right now. It means the terraces are muddy brown as opposed to bright green. Its a nice thingto see however if it’s just similar to all other rice terraces in Southeast Asia.

We hopped back on the scooters and drove back into the main town for some lunch at Happy Falafel. The falafel pittas here are amazing and I also had a banana smoothie. At 2:30 we dropped the scooters off. Half a day in the Ubud traffic was enough for us! 

After a few hours relaxing at the hostel and it’s serene pool, we headed out for dinner. A massive group of us went together – various travel friends we knew from other cities andothers we’d met at the hostel. It was really cool to eat drink and chat with so many others! I tried an Indonesian dish nasi campur with peanut sauce! Peanut sauce has become my new favourite meal accompaniment.

After dinner we headed next door to a bar called Melting Pot where we had some drinks and played pool, which was super chilled and really fun! We spent the rest of our evening there and then walked back just before midnight accompanied by a large crowd of street dogs.

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