20: From Ubud to Uluwatu – Bali, Indonesia

Friday 2nd August 2019

Day 94 in SE Asia

Today we were due to leave Ubud. I’m still hanging with Ree and Bianca for the time being. Bali hasn’t been my favourite stop by any lengths but having good company to enjoy it with certainly makes it a whole lot sweeter. We had a later start to the day, enjoying a free hostel breakfast and a relax around the pool in the morning.

We found a ‘memory game’ at the hostel so had a few competitive rounds of that. The games you play with fellow travellers is definitely one of my favourite things about travel and hostels. Most of the time they’re games you’d never thing to play at home so it’s really nice.

At about 1pm we headed out for some lunch. We went to a restaurant called Bali Chilli which served good and cheap Indonesian food. I went for a plate of vegetarian Mei Goreng (fried noodles) and it didn’t even cost me £1! Bali is generally more expensive but, as with all Asian countries, eating local cuisine is always the lost budget friendly bet.

Two of Ree’s travel friends, Chris and Chloe joined us on our transit to our next stop in Bali – Uluwatu. This is a beach town in the south of the island. Our two hour taxi ride got there just after 5pm. Travelling in a group in Bali is particularly beneficial as you can split the cost of taxis!

When we arrived the sun was setting and we watched this from the balcony of the hostel. Our hostel is called Karma Backpackers and seems really chilled out and friendly. You also get free dinner every night which is obviously amazing!

I also discovered that Bintang Radlers are an alternative to Bintang beers that I like. Barely alcoholic and very sugary but at least I can actually feel like I’m joining in when everyone drinks beer. It’s also a lot cheaper than any other alcoholic drink.

After dinner we played several rounds of Heads Up and various card games, all of which I got way to into. We’re having a relatively early night tonight with plans to scooter ride to the beach tomorrow and see if we can find some ‘beginner friendly’ surf spots. Unlike the others, I’ve never surfed before so it should be interesting!

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