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22: Homesickness to Seasickness – Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia

Sunday 4th August 2019

Day 96 of my Southeast Asia Trip

After almost a week in Indonesia, I’ve completed my time in Bali. Today I made my way over to the island of Gili Air which is part of Lombok. I was collected from my hostel with the shuttle bus just before 10. A couple of hours drive brought me to the port at Padangbai where I waited for my fast boat, scheduled for 1:30.

In true Asian style I got onto the ferry at 2:35 and we began making our way to Lombok and the Gili islands shortly after. After around 2 hours of the choppiest ferry journey of my life I was feeling incredibly sick. We’d already made a stop at Gili T and were now on Lombok. Anyone off to Gili Air had to make a transfer to a long tail boat. This didn’t take too long to get to the final destination!

Gili Air is a tiny island. There are no cars on it. The only form of taxi is horse and cart. The horses seem pretty poorly treated though so I opted for the 15 minute walk to my hostel – Begadang Backpackers. This short walk took me almost to the other side of the island – that’s how small it is!!! I checked into my cosy 3 bed dorm and then FaceTimed my parents for a bit.

I headed out for food and made it about 10m. I stopped at the first restaurant I found which seemed to do reasonably priced Indonesian food. I’d say the local cuisine here is one of my favourites, as I adore the peanut sauce they use with their dishes! For dinner I had Gado Gado and treated myself to a chocolate milkshake which went down a treat!

After dinner I headed back to the hostel and showered. I’m pretty exhausted after my long day of travelling. It’s unbelievably tiring being sat on transport and sat waiting around for transport! I definitely feel pretty sad to be on my own after a week with friends in Bali. The first day on your own after being with great people is always one of the harder ones!

Unfortunately this post hasn’t been the most thrilling but not all days are the most thrilling when travelling – as much as Instagram likes to tell you otherwise! Gili Air seems to be a really chilled out island and super easy to wander around. Tomorrow I’ll go for more of an explore, maybe on a bicycle and see what I can do here for the next 3 days or so!


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