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23: I Want to Ride my Bicycle – Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia

Monday 5th August 2019

Day 97

Unfortunately today didn’t start amazingly. Despite being so tired yesterday I had the worst nights sleep, totalling around 4 hours broken sleep. I woke up feeling quite rubbish to say the least. I missed my friends from Bali and didn’t know what to do with myself.

Coffee seemed a good place to start so I grabbed a latter at the hostel, along with some breakfast. At midday I finally got my act together by renting a bicycle to cycle around the island. he island is so small so it’s easy to see anywhere and everyone by bike or foot. The bicycle cost me 40k (just over £2) to rent for the day.

The island is really beautiful. The sea is the perfect blue / turquoise. Cycling around sometimes isn’t the easiest as the paths are very sandy and it’s hard to cycle through it. I ended up walking with the bike for some of it. After about an hour I stopped at a shady spot on the beach for a little while. Then I headed to a sunnier spot and had a little swim.

It was just after 2pm by this point and I was pretty hungry. Ree had recommended Musa Cookery to me, and said that did amazing smoothie bowls. They’re a little pricey but I figured I wasn’t feeling great so I’d treat myself. I went for the Cacao and Coco smoothie bowl. It was delicious and SO filling!

Just after 3 I headed to the beach. I relaxed there for a while and accidentally ended up napping there! I ended up spending a few hours there as I wanted to watch the sunset. By about 6:15 the sun had begun to disappear so I took the very difficult 1 minute cycle back to the hostel. 

I’d been told there were open air cinemas around the island so I went for a wander to find somewhere to watch a movie with a drink. I watched The Dictator which was just some comedy film with Sacha Baron Cohen in it. Not the best film, but a nice way to spend an evening. On my walk back to the hostel I stopped off for a plate of Gado Gado with falafel. 

I am absolutely exhausted now after barely any sleep last night, so another early night is in order. I go snorkelling tomorrow, so have to be up relatively early. I’m very excited as I’ve wanted to do some snorkelling for a while now, and apparently Gili Air is a really good place for it.


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