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Day 24: Finding Nemo – Gili Air, Indonesia

Tuesday 6th August 2019

Day 98 in Southeast Asia

I had a very weird dream last that I’d flown home 3 weeks early but I did it by accident and was upset that I’d missed out on the rest of my trip. That’s definitely a sign I’ve got some really fun things coming up in the next 3 weeks – starting today with snorkelling!!

I got up at about 7:45 and left the hostel just after 8. I wanted to find somewhere other than the hostel to eat breakfast because I thought I could definitely get cheaper coffee. I walked about 5 minutes down the road to a place called H & R Resto. I had iced coffee (which came with a BAMBOO straw) and the biggest banana and Nutella pancake I’ve ever eaten.

Then I headed down to the meeting point for my snorkelling trip. It was at a place called Lucky’s, about a 15 minute walk from my hostel altogether. The tour only cost 100k which is equivalent to about £5.80. We left on the boat at around 9:30. I got prime spot sat on the top of the boat as we whizzed towards our first stop.

The first snorkelling point was just off the island Gili Meno. Here we were able to see turtles which was amazing! As my first snorkelling experience I just thought the whole thing was so cool, although it did take me some time to adapt my breathing technique.

We then continued over to Gili T and swam with some tropical fish. There were some more turtle spottings here too! A big one was poking its head out of the water as we approached on the boat.

Our third stop was to see some status underwater, found just off Gili Mono. It was super crowded here, so was hard to get a good look at them. The statue consists of 48 life size human sculptures. It’s there as an artificial reef to encourage coral growth and subsequent marine life in the area.

Then it was time to stop for lunch. We were taken to a restaurant on the beach on Gili Meno. Lunch isn’t included in the price of the tour so you can order something here. It’s pretty expensive though. Meals start at around £4 which I now know to be a rip off here hahaha – I’m so screwed when I go home! I was still pretty full from my giant pancake and didn’t want to part with so much precious Rupiah so I just went and chilled on the beach for the lunch hour.

Our final snorkel stop was just off Gili Air but the water wasn’t as clear and there were nowhere near as many fish! We headed back to the island, arriving back for around 2. I headed off for some lunch at Warung Giliku which is just 10 seconds across from my hostel. I had Mie Goreng (Indonesian fried noodles).

I then went and washed all the salty sea water and sand off me, before spending an hour or so relaxing by the hostel pool. A little later A new girl arrived in my room so I chatted with her for a bit and we went for some food. Disappointingly I they gave us INSTANT NOODLES. It’s reassuring that my biggest problem in life right now is that I got shit noodles for dinner.

The day ended with another open air cinema. Tonight I watched ‘The Beach’ (set in Thailand appropriately) on the beach, sat on a beanbag with a blanket and popcorn! The film was awful but the setting was nice. Today has definitely been one of my favourites. The snorkelling was really fun and it was so great to see turtles. Tomorrow I head to mainland Lombok to spend some time there over the next 7 days.


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