25: Another Travel Day – Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Day 99 in Southeast Asia

Although this is Day 99 in Asia, I actually left London 100 days ago today on 30th April. I can’t believe I’ve actually not been in Stafford for 100 days! And a very adventurous and jam packed 100 days they’ve been too.

Another travel day was looming today as I left Gili Air and headed to mainland Lombok to spend some time there. My first stop is Kuta, found in the south of Lombok. I woke up feeling like sorting my own boat and shuttle bus transfer was too much to deal with and I was incapable. Strange because I’ve figured this stuff out so much before! This somewhat lack of self belief led me to lying in bed longer than I should’ve before getting my stuff together, checking out of the hostel and getting breakfast.

I grabbed a super cheap pancake and coffee for breakfast (again!) and then wandered to the port. When I got there I had 0 idea where to book my boat, but after asking at a tour agency was pointed in the right direction. I book the public boat over the Lombok which cost just 12k (70p). I had to wait until the boat was full with 40 people before it departed.

The wait ended up being around 45 minutes. My Indonesian SIM card seems to have broken so I didn’t have much to occupy me. Times like this I really wish I’d traveled with a kindle so I could have 100s books In my bag without the weight of 100s of books.

The boat ride to Bangsal port in Lombok was relatively painless but my arrival left much to be desired. I should be used to being bombarded by taxi drivers but I swear it’s worse in Indonesia. Despite saying no a few times they just follow you around. I found the whole situation a bit overwhelming.

I just ended up shouting at them – OOPS. Eventually I managed to negotiate a price for a shuttle to Kuta in the south of Lombok. I wasn’t really sure whether I’d done the right thing and when I was actually going to get there. But yeah, all part of the fun of backpacking. It cost me 150k (approx. £8) which seemed pretty reasonable…I think. The guy had told me there would be about a 20 minute wait before I left for Kuta, but of course it was just over an hour. I had no idea what was going on but I ended up in a car with 3 others and we FLEW (quite literally lol) down to Kuta. The journey took about an hour and 20 minutes.

I arrived at my hostel Botchan and left almost immediately got food. The main town is a 10 minute walk down the road from where I’m staying. I stopped at Mia Mia kitchen to eat and ordered TWO meals because why not. To make up for last nights disappointment I had proper fried noodles and also Gado Gado. Yes I’m aware that I eat the same thing all the time but it’s what’s cheapest. And I can’t have Indonesian food like this at home can I?!

I went for a bit of a walk down the main road but it was very hot and I was very tired. I headed back to the hostel and didn’t really do anything for the rest of the day except worrying about whether I’d make friends or not. I did end up meeting a girl in my room though and making plans to drive to some beaches tomorrow!

I don’t actually know when I’ll get this post uploaded because the WiFi at this hostel is the worst I’ve EVER come across. But all I good time I guess. Perks of having next to no people that read your blog, no one notices when you don’t post on time!

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