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27: Surfs Up – Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia

Friday 9th August 2019

Day 101 in SE Asia

Last night I made the decision to do a surf lesson at Selong Beach today!! I’ve debated surfing a few times since being in Indonesia and figured if I don’t do it now I never will. The day started the same as yesterday with a drive over to Selong Beach.

We had the lesson at Hary’s Surf School, which cost 300k (approx. £17). It was a 3 hour lesson in total, including a break in the middle. Trust me, you need the break, it’s TIRING. We started off doing smaller waves and then moved onto some bigger ones in the afternoon. I wasn’t as awful as I’d expected and did manage to stand up a fair bit to ‘ride the waves’. An unhealthy amount of salt water has definitely been swallowed today!

After the surf lesson we had some much needed lunch and I devoured a plate of noodles. Then we drove back to the hostel at around 3 and spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing there.

At about 5:30 we headed out to wander around Kuta town. I booked hike up Mount Rinjani for Sunday and Monday, which means I leave Kuta tomorrow morning to head for the town Senaru. It’s nearer to Rinjani so I’ll be ready for the trek on Sunday morning.

Before dinner went to a cocktail bar and grabbed a couple of drinks. They worked out about £2 each. I had a really nice banana, coconut and coffee cocktail, as well a mojito.

Then we headed for dinner at a really cheap place which sold noodles for 10k (approx 60p). The people that owned it were so lovely and genuine. My whole dinner cost me 87p which is mad! Wandering around the nice places in the town really made me wish I was staying another night in a way. But I know there’s a lot more of Lombok for me to still see besides this town and it’s surrounding beaches!

Once again, this post could easily be delayed, or just doubled up with another!! This WiFi is horrendous, I can barely send iMessages / WhatsApp messages! For anyone who does regularly read this stuff sorry for the recent irregularities!!!


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