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32: Day 1&2 of Komodo Boat Trip – Indonesia

Thursday 15th August 2019

Day 106 and 107 of my Southeast Asia Trip

Wednesday 14th started with a pick up from the hostel in Senggigi just after 9am. I’d booked this four day, three night boat trip to Komodo a couple of weeks back, having known I wanted to go to the Komodo Island since the very start of my trip. The boat trip goes from Lombok and finishes in Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. You can also opt to do it the other way around. The best way to get to / from Flores is to fly. You can book flights with AirAsia pretty cheap.

The Komodo National Park is Home to the Komodo dragons but it’s being closed next year for environmental reasons, so I thought why not go there now. A boat trip by Wanua Adventures has been recommended to me so I went ahead and booked it.

Overall it cost 2.3 million rupiah which is around £135. This covers 3 nights accommodation, 4 days on the boat, pick up from your hostel, 3 meals a day, a tour of the Komodo island, entrance fee to the national park, snorkelling and unlimited water, tea and coffee. The accommodation is on the deck of the boat. There was about 20 thin mattress crammed together on the deck. It’s VERY cosy but good fun in my opinion.

A few girls at my hostel were also doing the boat trip which was nice. It was a long transfer to the boat itself and we finally got on board just after two. We got lunch pretty much straight away which was an amazing spread of local food and then headed to Kenawa Island to watch the sunset throughout the afternoon.

On arrival at the island the boats couldn’t get right next to it so we got in little wooden boats to reach the shore. Then we climbed a hill to watch the sunset, before heading back to the boat for dinner.

In the evening the boat headed to Gili Bola where were it stopped for the night, before setting off again at around 2am. It sailed until around 7 when we arrived at Moyo Island. Everyone woke up around 6:30. The sun looked amazing on the sea first thing in the morning.

We had breakfast and then went onto Moyo Island and climbed up the waterfall there. There was a pool at the top you could jump into and swim in, but not much else going on. We spent an hour or so on the beach and did a bit of snorkelling – I saw a starfish!

We were back on the boat by about 9:30 and then set sail for the rest of the day. It was a long choppy journey and I spent most of it lying down, drifting in and out of sleep / daydreaming. The boat finally stopped around 8:30 and we had dinner before heading to bed at about half nine.

Day three is set to be much more active. We get to see the Komodo dragons tomorrow and I think we go to a manta Ray snorkelling point too.


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