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35: First 2 Days Down Under – Ulladulla, Australia

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Days 111 and 112 of my SE Asia Trip (although I am now in Aus)

Wow, I’m in Australia!! 10,500 miles from home and I’ve never felt more at home. Very strange. It’s cooler, no ones bombarding you with ‘Taxi, Taxi!’, I can drink tap water and flush toilet paper and I haven’t heard a single horn beep on the road yet! Incredible.

I arrived off my flight at around 6:30am yesterday (Monday 19th) and it seemed to take me forever to get through customs!! I was eventually let in and made my way to meet Nikita. After meeting her in Vietnam and Cambodia, we travelled Thailand together. Conveniently she lives about 2 and a half hours from Sydney, so when I told her I was visiting at the end of my trip, she kindly offered me a place to stay for a few nights and to show me around.

She’d stay at her friends place in Brighton-Le-sands, just a 15 minute drive from the airport. From here we went out for breakfast and I got my first, GOOD coffee in a while! Later on in the morning we started our journey back to Nikita’s town – Ulladulla. 

On the way she took me to get cinnamon donuts from the Berry Donut Van, I had an amazing vegetarian wrap at Pilgrims in Milton, and checked out Mollymook Beach. I was super knackered so when I got back to hers I just showered and watched Netflix for the evening. Oh, and met her 3 pet lizards!

This morning we headed out to climb Pigeon House Mountain, in Morton National Park. Nikita made me a breakfast smoothie to have first thing, and we grabbed coffee at the cafe she works at – Brown Sugar in Milton. The drive to Pigeon House was about 40 minutes and I even saw a wallaby on the way! We climbed to the top in around an hour and a half. It was pretty tiring but the views were beautiful – especially on such a clear day.

After we walked back down, we headed for Pebbly Beach to try and see some kangaroos! Luckily there was one just chilling in the car park and she was happy for me to sit with her and stroke her. You could even see a little Joey moving in her pouch!

Then we headed to Bawley, got some hot chips for lunch and ate them by the beach. It was so peaceful there and the chips were SO delicious. On the way home we found a stand selling little succulents so bought a few plants to take back. We got back at about 4:30, and had another pretty relaxed evening. Nikita cooked us the most amazing dinner of roasted veggies, Brown rice and houmous. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed home cooked food and brown carbs!!!

Tomorrow I make my way back into Sydney to stay with my friend, Lyn in Coogee for a few days. I also can’t believe that in a weeks time I’ll have embarked on my 25 hour flight home!


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