39: Gnarly Northern Beaches – Manly, Australia

Sunday 25th August 2019

Day 117 

Another early start saw me getting up at 6:30 and heading straight out for coffee. Katoomba was very quiet on a Sunday morning, but we found somewhere to grab coffee. It was a little cafe called Elephant Bean. I ordered a mocha here which is VERY out of character for me, but it was a good decision! I also grabbed a custard tart from the bakery next door which made for a very unhealthy, but delicious, breakfast snack! 

We left for Sydney at about 8am. The drive back took me across the Anzac bridge and the harbour bridge which I found SO exciting. The weather was amazing today and it was nice to see the city in clear blue skies. 

I quickly grabbed my bikini from Ree’s house and then 4 of us headed out for the beach to go for a swim. We started off at Turimetta Beach which was really quiet, secluded and of course beautiful. We did go for a swim here although it was very cold and we didn’t stay in for long. We spent quite a while just sitting on the beach – this weather is unbelievable for winter!!! 

Then we talk a walk around the headlands to Warriewood Beach where we got some food and coffee from Sunrise Cafe. I tried my first açai bowl because I figured it was rude not to when in Australia! It was SO nice, much nicer than I expected! I also had a really good iced latte. The Australian coffee is just INCREDIBLE! 

After making the short walk back to the car, Ree drove us over to Palm Beach, which is where Home and Away is / was filmed. Along the way the scenery was amazing. Ever corner we turned had be saying ‘WOW that’s SO nice’. When we got to the beach there was a cute market to have a little wander around. The beach was nice but it was super windy and getting a lot cooler as it was later in the day by this point. 

We took the scenic, coastal drive back to Ree’s and make a quick stop off on the way to check out another spectacular view. I was honestly blown away by all the beaches and coastlines I’ve seen today. I was told Manley / the Northern Beaches were an amazing area and I can really see why. 

When I got back to Rees I jumped in the shower and then just chilled out for an hour or so, whilst she prepared some food for dinner. We had a bit of a Mexican night with a few other friends. Ree had done us nachos with some guac and it was all so delicious. 

Then we sat around a campfire for the rest of the evening which was really nice. I’m now sat in bed watching Finding Nemo because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the film since I arrived in Sydney.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend some time with Bianca as she’s off work and I’ve barely spent time with her since I’ve been around Manley. The weather isn’t meant to be as good which is a shame but I’m sure we can just spend the day drinking nice coffee or something! I can’t believe in 48 hours time I’ll be on my plane home!

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