40: I’m Spinnin’ Around – Sydney, Australia

Monday 26th August 2019

Day 118 of my Southeast Asia / Australia Trip

WOW. So today is the last full day of my trip. I am writing this at 11pm which means this time tomorrow I will be on my (very long) flight home. I honestly can’t believe that it’s nearly all over. The last month has just been the best and it has totally flown by.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for my last 2 days in Sydney is TERRIBLE, but I did get incredibly lucky over the weekend. And most of last week as well to be honest. I’d stayed at Ree’s house last night and said bye to her before I went to bed as she was up early for work today.

Bianca picked me up at around 11 and we headed to Bacino just down the road for some coffee. I was told about how amazing their cappuccinos are and it certainly didn’t disappoint! After this we drove to a mall to have a little look around and I went and got some cheap souvenirs. I just knew if I didn’t get them here I would have to pay twice the price in the city! I must’ve spent a good 20 minutes trying to find the perfect Koala and Kangaroo!

For lunch we headed into Manley and went to a Japanese place called Jipang. I had miso soup, seaweed and tofu and it was all amazing! I’ve never really eaten much Japanese food, aside from sushi, so it was really nice to try something different.

I caught the ferry back over to the city just after 4 and then headed for the Sydney Tower for a very posh buffet dinner. The restaurant was revolving so you got a panoramic view of the city as you were eating. There was so much food on offer and you could have as much as you wanted from all of the entrees, main courses and desserts! I definitely ate way too much!

I felt out of place as it was no Wetherspoons, and certainly no Asian street food stand with plastic chairs. But if you can’t dine here on your last night of a 4 month trip away, 10,500 miles from home then when can you?! There were even fireworks over the harbour!! 

After dinner I headed back to Lyn’s in Coogee where I am staying tonight. The weather looks pretty bad for tomorrow too so I will probably just have to eat and drink coffee all day again – what a shame! My flight isn’t until 9:15pm so I have a lot of time to kill. I should probably spend as much of it standing up as possible as I will be spending a lot of time sitting down on that long haul flight!

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