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9: Lost in Bangkok – Thailand

Saturday 20th July 2019

Day 81 of my Southeast Asia Trip

Woke up at 6:30am much to my dismay. It’s my first day not knowing anyone in a city for a month. I’ve effectively been travelling with someone, or at least had a friend somewhere, since 21st June. So naturally I woke up apprehensive. I lay around for nearly 2 hours trying to go back to sleep / thinking about what to do with my day. 

I got myself up and out for 9 – even put make up on and earrings in – and headed round the corner for breakfast and coffee. 75p iced latte can’t be bad, although all this single use plastic isn’t doing my conscience any good. 

The only thing I’ve been set on doing in Bangkok is going to Wat Pho Temple. According to the not always reliable it was a 38 minute walk from my hostel. When I’m in a new city I like taking long walks as it’s the best way to just get lose and therefore explore and get a feel for the place.

I took a wander down Khao San Road on the way, which has has become known as the ‘backpacker ghetto’. It hosts an array of shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. 

I also came across the ‘Giant Swing’ on the way, which is found at the entrance of Wat Suthat. Not a real swing, but that would be fun!

The 38 minute walk ended up taking about 2 hours due to wandering off route (and misreading the map!) The temple cost 200 Baht to enter (£5). It’s one of the largest and oldest in Bangkok and perhaps best known for its large, gold reclining Buddha.

The temple is home to over 1000 Buddha’s and contains 91 chedis (stupas or mounds). The architecture and colour are certainly impressive. It’s nice to walk round for maybe an hour a half or so, but it is of course very touristy. The reclining buddha is a nightmare to get a photo of. But it is very impressive at 46 m long and 15m high.

I left the temple at about 1 and wandered around a local market, before grabbing some lunch. It was probably the first meal in Thailand I didn’t enjoy. I went to a vegetarian place and had something that wasn’t very tasty and too spicy. Deflated I decided I wanted mango sticky rice but everywhere seemed over priced. 

By about 2:30 I’d gotten too sweaty so I decided to head back to the hostel, write my journal and relax in the aircon for a bit. I chatted to a couple of girls in the room at the hostel. Just a 15 minute chat is enough to stop me losing my mind and/or getting lonely!

I ended up going out for dinner with those girls and got a nice pad Thai from down the road. Then we grabbed a couple of drinks at the hostel and played cards for the evening. It was just a really nice chilled evening. 

Tomorrow’s my last day in Thailand as I fly back to Vietnam on Monday. I’ve managed to survive my first day on my own without crying or getting homesick, I hope tomorrow brings more of the same after hopefully a better nights sleep!


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