43: START OF THE SCOTLAND ROAD TRIP – 310 Miles up the Country


I know it’s been a while and there is no way that this is going to be a series as long as the last one, but I’m travelling for a little while so I thought I may as well write daily update.

So a lot is happened since I last posted a daily blog, I ended up going to uni didn’t enjoy it decided not to go back had to move home because of coronavirus anyway and then I got a job at Ikea. I’ve now got nine days of annual leave and I wanted to do some sort of travel but obviously with coronavirus it’s more difficult this year. One of my travel goals for 2020 had in fact been to become better travelled in my own country so I decided that I was going to head to Scotland and do a road trip, something I’ve always wanted to do.

As always I have very loose plans for this trip. I have a list of places that I want to visit written down and I’ve just booked my accommodation for tonight. The destination was our Ardlui holiday park Where I’d booked a tiny little camping pod (‘walkers bothy’) to stay in for the night as it was the cheapest accommodation option I could find in the area. It looks like a tiny hobbit house!

My journey began this morning at 7:20 when I left home in Stafford and headed 310 miles north of the country to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. I joined the motorway at about 7:30 And just kept driving for miles and miles and miles and the road is never changed. It made the drive really easy and all the more pleasant that it was so simple and I didn’t have to concentrate on lots of mini roundabouts and things like that.

I crossed the Scottish border at about 10:30 before making a stop at Annandale water services near Lockerbie which were definitely the prettiest services I’ve ever been to. There was a really nice lake behind the main service station building where you could sit and enjoy a hot drink and something to eat. You can usually have a walk round but unfortunately because of the weather recently the path was too muddy for me to have a wander.

Then I continued for another two hours before I reach my destination in Ardlui and checked into my little camping pod. Once I got myself organised I drove a little bit down the road to find a spot to park record go for a walk. I found a trail that took me up a hill, where everything was so desolate and silent. It really eerie because of how low the clouds were and how silent it was. I walked for about an hour before heading back to the car and then driving heading to a waterfall!

The Falls of Falloch waterfall are on the river Falloch in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. They’re apparently a really popular swimming spot in the summer. It’s a really tiny waterfall but beautiful and definitely worth seeing if you’re around the Loch Lomond area. There’s a sign post off the A82 to a small car park where you can leave your car and make the short walk to the falls. They’re only 3 miles from where I’m staying in Ardlui.

After checking out the waterfall I decided it was time to have dinner so I headed back to where were staying and went to the adjoining restaurant. The COVID restrictions in Scotland mean that if a restaurant is attached to a hotel or accommodation only guests who are staying there can stay and eat after six so I was lucky that I could eat there this evening. I enjoyed a big plate of Mac and cheese with a bowl of chips and then headed back to my ‘hobbit house’.

And that brings us up to now where I’m about to go to sleep and probably read a book. I got more into reading books during lockdown so it‘d be good to get into the habit of reading more again. I got round to booking some accommodation for tomorrow night – I’m staying at an Airbnb in Fort William tomorrow night. The weather looks set to be really bad so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing tomorrow, but I’m going to head to Fort William via Glencoe and hope for the best!

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