Hello my name is Emma and welcome ‘WBE Daily Blogs’, essentially the baby blog of ‘The World by Emstagram’.

I started The World by Emstagram back in 2018 as a way of me combining my love for travel with my enjoyment of writing (and also combatting boredom!). I initially just wrote about a few city breaks I’d been on, however in summer 2018 I took my first solo backpacking trip around Europe, followed by a longer solo trip around Southeast Asia and down to Australia in 2019.

It was here in Southeast Asia – Thailand specifically – where the daily blogging journey began. (I have my boyfriend at the time to thank for it so full credit to him for coming up with the idea!). I started posting diary style blog posts every day which talked more in detail about what I’d done and how I felt on a day to day basis. It was something I felt gave a more personal feel to my blog, and definitely something my family and friends at home enjoyed as a means of keeping in touch and up to date.

As much as me and my small audience for the Daily Blogs enjoyed them, I know it wouldn’t be attractive to a lot of budding travellers, therefore I decided to make a specific site dedicated to the Daily Blogs, and here you are!

I’m writing this now from my home in Stafford, UK (July 2020), with not a great deal of travel going on, due to a certain pandemic which has stormed the world! So whilst I don’t have any travel to Daily Blog about I can use the time proactively to improve The World by Emstagram and get this Daily Blog site up and running!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with my travels!

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