7: Beach, Please! – Koh Samui, Thailand

Thursday 18th July 2019

Day 79 of my Southeast Asia Trip

Today was my last day in South Thailand and my last day with Nikita. We decided to have a more ‘active chill day’, if that makes any sense. So hopefully todays post will be more interesting than Tuesday and Wednesday! The day, of course, started with breakfast. In order to budget, we headed up the road to the nearby food market and got noodles and fried rice for breakfast.

After breakfast I booked my bus to Bangkok, so tomorrow’s shaping up to be the travel day from hell. A 7am pick up from the hostel, followed by 13 and a half hours of ferry and coach travel to reach the Thai capital. Podcasts, Netflix documentaries and my journal will all have to be out in full force.

We headed for the closest beach – Bo Phut beach – at the Fisherman Village. It was much quieter here in the morning. After a quick swim and sunbathe we decided to walk along the rest of the beach. The entire place is totally saturated with resorts and tourists, which I found disappointing.

We decided to walk the 20 minutes to the next beach. This was the Maenam Beach and it was much nicer here. A lot quieter and less built up! Of course I made the most of a photo opportunity whilst I was there too.

A restaurant here called Treehouse Silent Beach, sells reasonably priced food. I had a delicious yellow curry here! A storm seemed to be brewing so we started walking back to the hostel. We managed to haggle a lift on the back of a motorbike, therefore the journey back was 5 minutes, not 40! 

The hostel is considerably quieter today because everyone has gone over to Koh Phangnan for the Full Moon Party. This meant we had the pool to ourselves for the afternoon, but the rain finally came at 4, exactly the same time as yesterday!

Sadly, the night market we’d been going to the past 2 nights packed up today. Turns out it was only there for the Buddhist Lent festival on the 16th and 17th. After dinner (yet ANOTHER Pad Thai) I attempted to sort accommodation for Bangkok for the next 3 days. It feels like forever since I’ve had to make my own decision about a hostel, so it was unnecessarily hard! 

And that brings us to the end of another day, and the end of my South Thailand adventures. I’m definitely disappointed I didn’t go anywhere good for snorkelling, but know I will be able to make up for it in Indonesia. I’ve also decided I want to come back to Asia in the future and do an entire trip dedicated to scuba diving! Although I should probably get this trip out of the way before I start planning another.

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