30: Mount Rinjani Trek Day Two – Lombok, Indonesia

Monday 12th August 2019

Day 104 in SE Asia

I woke up at 5:20 dying for a wee, so took myself to the ‘toilet’. It was just a little pop up cubicle surrounding a hole that had been dug for you to wee in. I mean, yes, you could just go anywhere in the dark but I’d rather do that when I’m a girl and it’s more difficult to discreetly go to the toilet anywhere.

It was obviously still very dark at this point, but all the clouds seemed to have disappeared giving a perfect view of the lights in all the towns below. And the night sky was so perfectly clear. I could see so many stars and it was amazing. In that moment I wished I had a camera good enough to capture it.

It wasn’t too cold overnight wrapped up in my sleeping bag. But this morning when I went out there was definitely a chill breeze in the air. It was by no means the best nights sleep, as expected. Especially as I was using my raincoat and/or my rucksack as a pillow!

The sun began to rise just before 6 and I enjoyed the most picturesque breakfast and coffee I’ve ever had. It was a lot clearer than yesterday so I could see the three Gili Islands clearly in the sea. After breakfast I headed up to a viewpoint to see the crater one last time.

We stared to descend the mountain at around 7:30. I didn’t exactly enjoy this part. The terrain was so dusty, slippy and generally just difficult to walk on. The walk down wasn’t as strenuous as the walk up but still tiring, especially since I’d not really slept.

At about 10:15 we stopped at post 2, around the half way point, for some snacks. We then continued down to post one and a little bit further where we got a much needed lunch at 12:30.

We finally reached the bottom, back where we started at 9am yesterday at around 2pm. A pick up truck whizzed us back to the homestay to collect our bags. In a shocking turn of events we were very quickly put on our transfer to our next town. This transfer was also included in the price I’d paid for the tour.

I was headed for Senggigi which is in the east of Lombok. I arrived at around 4:30pm with no accommodation booked and just turned up at the first hostel I found – On the Way. The place seems pretty basic but the people seem really friendly and at £5 a night I’m not going to complain.

After a much needed shower I started to feel a lot better. I finally got round to sorting out checked baggage for a flight I have at the weekend and then applied for an Australian visa. In less than a week I fly to Sydney for the last stop of my trip!!

Just before 8:30 I finally headed out for some much needed dinner and there’s no prizes for guessing what I ordered – GADO GADO! I plan to make the most of this before I leave Indonesia at the weekend. I went to a little street food place just round the corner from the hostel and it was delicious, even if it was a bit too spicy for me – mind you, most things are.

I chatted to a few people at the hostel when I first got back but decided to head to bed just before 10 as I’m exhausted from the past 2 days! Tomorrow’s plan is to head to some nearby waterfalls for a relaxing swim!

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