31: Another Day, Another Waterfall (or four!) – Sengiggi, Indonesia

Tuesday 13th August 2019

Day 105 in SE Asia

Despite being very basic, my hostel in Senggigi actually has lovely beds, so I got one of my better nights sleep last night. I grabbed breakfast from the hostel and was glad to not be limited to just banana pancakes, after them being the only breakfast food available to me for the past week.

At 11 I headed out to some nearby waterfalls. Two guys who I’d done the Rinjani Trek with were renting a driver so it was cheaper to split the cost between 3. The drive took us through Mataram City – the capital of Lombok – where we passed the largest mosque in Lombok. The onward journey took us through some very picturesque rice fields. I will definitely miss this sort of scenery when I leave Asia. I think I’ve come to take it for granted a little.

We arrived at the ‘Geopark’ where the waterfalls are found at about 1pm. We decided we wanted to see all of the waterfalls and have a guide take us round, otherwise we wouldn’t know where to find them. As there were three of us this cost 100k each (£5.80). We stopped for some lunch first before we headed on the walk. It maybe wasn’t the best idea to do a lot of climbing through the jungle the day after Rinjani. All our legs were significantly aching!

Our driver joined us on the tour of the waterfalls and he was taking lots of videos, photos and selfies at all opportunities. It really warmed my heart and actually made me emotional.

The first waterfall we came to was Benang Stokel. It was really cool and I especially like the amazing greenery that was surrounding it. This included the biggest ferns I’ve ever seen!! There wasn’t much water here as it isn’t rainy season in Indonesia, therefore there wasn’t a great deal of opportunity to swim. But you could go for a bit of a paddle.

Then we headed to the second waterfall – Benang Kelambu. Here there was a small pool at the bottom you could swim in, although it was incredibly cold! This waterfall had two separate streams cascading through the trees which looked spectacular. This one gave the best photo opportunities.

I’m not sure of the names of the third and fourth waterfall but there were both equally impressive. It was more of a trek to get to these ones. You had to cross some rivers and climb through very muddy, rocky paths. For this reason I definitely think you should get a guide if you come here! 

I think the fourth waterfall was my favourite as it was really hidden in the jungle and was just such a perfect spot. After we took some photos here we headed back to where we started. It started to rain on the way back and I’m sure this is the first Indonesian rain I’ve seen so far. It was past 5pm by this point and our car was the last in the car park.

We headed back to Senggigi in the pouring rain. The weather was definitely preparing me to be home in a few weeks!! The drive took about an hour and a half and I arrived back at my hostel at about 6:45. I was SO happy to have had my laundry done and finally have clean clothes. I quickly showered to wash all the mud off me and then headed out for some very cheap Mie Goreng for dinner. I even treated myself to a white chocolate magnum afterwards because they cost less than £1 here.

It’s 10pm now and I’m super exhausted AGAIN (I promise I’m sometimes not tired!!) so will head to bed as soon as I’ve finished uploading photos and scheduled this post. Tomorrow I leave Senggigi and embark on a 4 day / 3 night boat trip over to Flores, stopping at Komodo to see the dragons on the way. I doubt I will have any / good internet whilst I’m there so the blogs could be lacking over the next few days. But I will be sure to give updates as soon as I’m back!

I’ve also realised that the next 4 days are going to be my last full days in Asia and I just can’t believe it. It all seems to have come to an end so quickly!

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