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33: Day 3&4 of Komodo Boat Trip – Indonesia

Saturday 17th August 2019

Day 108 and 109 of my Southeast Asia Trip

After a very choppy day two we had a very choppy nights sleep into day three (Friday 16th). I had breakfast sat outside on the boat at around 7am, again a very beautiful setting!

We finally got to the manta point at about 8:30 and the Rocky boat journey was over. We did see one manta Ray, although it was very far down in the water and there wasn’t much else around (apart from a few small jellyfish!!)

Then we headed onto the Komodo National Park. The rest of the morning was really relaxed, just basking in the sun, admiring the scenery and enjoying how calm the water now was. We had lunch on the boat at about 11:30 before heading into the national park for a tour round just after 12.

There were lots of wild bore and deer in the park, and we saw three Komodo dragons. They are MASSIVE.

The next stop was pink beach. I was dubious as to whether it would actually be pink or not but to my surprise it was. There was definitely a strong hint of pink in the sand closest to the water, and you could see all the little pink grains against the white.

Pink beach was in such a idyllic setting with clear turquoise water, amazing snorkelling and lots of boats around. We stayed here for a couple of hours before heading back onto the boat.

We sailed for a little while and then made a stop to watch sunset and settle for the night. The surroundings were amazing, the landscapes were like nothing I’d seen before and the sunset was amazing. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen this trip.

The evening was really chilled with lots of food, beer and music. A man came round to all the boats on a smaller boat selling beers!

Friday night was pretty settled as we didn’t sail anywhere through the night, until about 3:30am when we set off to get to the sunrise point. We all got up around 4:45 and were taken from the boat across to Padar Island in the smaller boat at 5. The hike up to watch the sunrise was more than by body wanted to do before 5:30am but it was 100% worth it.

The sunrise was so clear and the colours were perfect. It was also in the most picturesque location with amazing mountains, beaches, sea and boats all around. It’s beauty doesn’t go unmissed though and you have to fight through crowds of tourists to get the perfect picture.

We were back on the boat eating breakfast by 7:30 and then set sail to Rinca Island to see some more Komodo dragons. Arriving here at 10:20 felt more like 3pm as we’d been awake so long. The island was very dry and desolate but we did see some Komodo dragons and even saw one moving.

It was incredibly hot and I was incredibly tired and very much in need of the Gado Gado we had for lunch when we got back on the boat. Our last stop of the day and of the trip came this afternoon – Kelor Island. I think this was the most paradyllic beach I’ve ever seen. It’s isolated location alongside the crystal clear water just made it feel like heaven. I jumped off the top of the boat and then swam over to the beach.

We left here just after 2 and made our way to Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores where the boat trip comes to an end. We headed to our hostel – Ciao Hostel – and had a much needed shower and freshen up. There’s an amazing view from the upstairs of this hostel.

We headed out for some food at about 6:30 we’re ready to crash not long after. The boat trip was definitely one of my trips highlights – so much covered in such a short space of time. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful paradises over the past 4 days. Lying on the deck of a boat in the sun with no one bothering me really isn’t a bad life.

I can’t believe I leave Southeast Asia tomorrow after nearly 16 weeks here. I fly to Australia tomorrow to see friends in and around Sydney for the next 9 days. It’s all coming to an end very fast and it’s quite overwhelming – definite mixed emotions about it. But for now I just want a good nights sleep!


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