36: P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney – Australia

Thursday 22nd August 2019

Day 113 and 114 of my trip

Yesterday (Wednesday 21st) I headed back into Sydney. I’m now staying with my friend Lyn in Coogee. I met her last year in Slovakia when I was backpacking Europe. Then we met up again in Croatia, Italy, the UK and Portugal. (Photo below is my and Lyn in Lisbon in November 2018)

On Wednesay morning I had breakfast at Brown Sugar with Nikita. I had avo on sourdough bread with ricotta cheese, balsamic and a poached egg. It was SO GOOD and maybe even the best avo on toast I’ve ever had! I also had a cucumber, apple and spinach juice with my food which was super refreshing. 

I couldn’t believe the weather on Wednesday. The clear blue skies, sunshine and late teens / early 20s temperatures really don’t spell winter! I bought some jeans the other day but I was almost too hot in them!

After breakfast at about 11, we headed out to see Hyams Bay. We had to go into Booderee National Park for this. The beach was SO beautiful. The sand was bright white and so fine that it squeaked between by feet. The water was so blue and clear, although it was freezing! We spent a little bit of time here, and then headed off to Kiama so I could get the train to Sydney.

From Kiama station I had to get the 1:55 train to Martin Pace and then change to get to Bondi Junction. This took around 2 and a half hours. Lyn picked me up from the station and drove me back to hers. 

We grabbed dinner from Soul Burger – an amazing vegan burger place not far from where Lyn lives. We shared two burgers and some chips. It was so delicious and I couldn’t believe it was all vegan. We spent the evening watching the Batchelor together – who says Australia doesn’t have culture. 

Today, we got up and headed out for a walk to Maroubra Beach at about 7:45. Despite it being windy it was a really warm and sunny walk and the beaches and sea along the way were stunning. We had breakfast at a place called The Grumpy Baker. I had a muffin and a flat white – god I am NOT missing Asian coffee. 

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After almost getting blown away sitting outside the café we took a slow stroll back. Lyn had to go to library to revise as she has uni exams at the moment, so I took the bus into the city. It was the first time I’d seen the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge which felt very surreal. I haven’t stopped thinking about Finding Nemo all day.

The weather wasn’t as nice as it had been in the morning. It was pretty cloudy and windy for most of the day. I met up with my friend Zoe who has also been backpacking Asia. We met in Vietnam and Laos and have got the same flight home booked. We walked across the Harbour Bridge and wandered around The Rocks.

Later in the afternoon I went to check out Darling Harbour, and then headed to the Sydney Observatory. The park here is really nice and gives you a great view across the city. The observatory is free to visit and talks about how the night sky is different here to most other parts of the world. It’s strange to think I am so far from home that even the stars look different!

The Royal Botanical Gardens are really beautiful and totally free to visit. I came here a bit later in the day as it was starting to get much cooler. About a 10 minute walk through the gardens took me to Mrs Macquarie’s Seat where there’s an amazing view of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the harbour. It looked even more spectacular as the sun was going down.

At about 5:30 I decided to get the bus back to Coogee. The city looked really nice in twilight. Me and Lyn watched the Batchelor together again and then Aussie gogglebox, which I seemed to find a lot funnier than the UK version!

Tomorrow I’m off to Manley to stay with Ree and Bianca who I met in Bali. We are heading to the Blue Mountains National Park at the weekend which I am very excited for!

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